Rat Rods For Sale – What is a Rat Rod

Rat Rods For Sale – What is a Rat Rod

The term rat rod is a phrase being thrown around quite a bit on classic car message boards and on eBay.  Rat rod just happens to be a term used to describe a type of hot rod and is one of the most frequently searched terms at eBay Motors.  Well then, you ask me, “What exactly is a rat rod?” To enlighten you, let me offer a definition of a this and other vehicle types classified as hot rods.Hot RodA hot rod is defined by purists as a pre-1949 car or truck which has been modified in such a way to use modern parts.

The body is painted and the interior would be fully finished. An abundance of chrome fixtures and big tires, is the norm. Most people, on the other hand, tend to agree with a more general definition. Any car or truck built to go fast, or look fast, regardless of it’s aesthetic appeal, is a hot rod.

All of the cars I collect, despite their differences, are all hot rods.   Rat RodA rat rod is considered by purists to be a pre-1949 American vehicle which has been finished to look like it was fabricated by a 1940’s hot rod enthusiast. Body paint is usually absent, or at most, primer or flat black finish.

There is little or no chrome and the interior is left unfinished.Most people agree on a more general definition. I would consider any well-used looking american xxx mom car or truck, except mini-vans (yuck). The only foreign cars I would include are mid-1970’s and before VW Bugs and older Micro-Bus (Chariot Of The Dead Head).

Rice burners (Japanese cars) need not apply.Street RodAccording to the nice folks at SEMA, a street rod is an altered vehicle manufactured before 1949 or manufactured after 1949 and altered to resemble a 1948, or before, car or truck. In both cases, the street rod has been altered from it’s original design or has a body shell fabricated of non-original materials.Finally, please keep in mind these are not hard and fast labels –they are labels for hard and fast cars. For more regarding japansexmom have a look at the webpage. If you want to call that 85 Camry a Rat Rod, no one is stopping you.

It’s all about enjoying America’s favorite obsession with the car, rat rod, hot rod, or whatever you wish to call it.  Now go out there and have some fun!!

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