The Top Key To Becoming A Promising High School Baseball Prospect

The Top Key To Becoming A Promising High School Baseball Prospect

If you talk to any high school baseball coach that has been a coach for any real amount of time they have seen and experienced enough to be able to make some good observations. This comes after seeing potential baseball players of every ability, shape and size. A general consensus among coaches with this experience is the fact that being the perfect physical specimen is not the number one key to success. We will take a look at what we feel is key component.

Baseball Skill Building

As mentioned in the previous paragraph we will discuss what we feel is one of the biggest criteria that can make the difference between being a worthy high school prospect or not. This can be defined as to the level of skill building homework a player has engaged in before high school. This really comes down to how much practice does a player get outside of regular team practices and the rest of the year outside of baseball season.

Extra Effort

It probably goes without saying but a reliable trend for all of this is the amount of effort that a player has put in over and beyond the minimum needed to make the team. By doing this they ensure that there physical attributes like their throwing, catching and etc are able to work consistently at the highest level. This is done through repetition of course. If a player does not give themselves enough exposure to building strong fundamentals then they are doing themselves a great injustice. That is why we firmly believe that the top performers will make sure they get adequate workouts, practice and instruction time.

On the other side of this are the players who can’t seem to find the time to get in extra baseball related activities outside of team practice. With everything else being equal they will remain at pretty much the same skill level as everyone else who subscribes to the same work ethic. This is why the more time and effort you put into baseball at an early age the greater the probability of it paying off later. It is no random coincidence that the outstanding high school players and prospects are also the same players who participate in extra baseball related activities. They tend to have the baseball training equipment at home and in a lot of cases have received coaching by top notch pitching and batting instructors.

The biggest point we want to make in this article is that you will need to do more then the minimum to make it as a big time high school prospect. If you look at all of the great sportsmen in any sport you will find behind every success countless hours in the gym or on the field perfecting their craft. If you choose not to do this then understand that your chances of being the next great one drop to almost nil!

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